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how to reduce stress

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How many people of the world a life always complaining, anxiety, fear and lead to stress?

How much information you are looking for and you get pressure to face?

The answer just one. "Many. "

How it works?

"Hmmm... "

Indeed at present, it seems impossible to avoid things like stress, their edges can cause Health and mental decline. Especially if we live in big cities, vehicle noise, pollution, traffic jams makes us more pressure. But every solution, there must be problems including there are indeed ways to relieve stress.

Stress can cause Health decline, decline in mental activity, interrupted, indeed very detrimental to all. It would be better if we recognize the symptoms immediately, and then immediately crack down on lanjutinya. Because stress can be stalking anyone and at any time.

What is stress?
Stress is mental disorder due to a certain pressure, pressure arising from failure to carry out. Factors that may be from within or from outside.

Actually a lot of information about how to get rid of stress, good circulating on the internet or Word of mouth, but ultimately returned to you, wants to choose a method, customize with your current situation.

At this time we will share ways to relief stress quickly. Please choose the method that suits you best.

Symptoms of Stress
Before you practice how to relieve stress, first of all you need to know in advance the properties or the symptoms of stress. If you have any of the symptoms below, then you must be careful and act immediately. Here are some signs:

Irritability (Emosian)
Muscle pain
Hair loss
Respiratory disorders
Nutritional disorders
The increase in blood pressure
Difficult sleeping (Insomnia)
That's some common symptoms you should know. Do you have the symptoms above?

Types of stress
Here are some types of pressure:

1. Eustres: this type of stress is useful, because it can make the body more alert.

2. Hipostres: is a type of pressure caused by the boredom of his slaves.

3. dangerous types of Distress lnternal: pressure is the result of a bad experience.

4. acute Distress: a situation where a person has to withstand pressure over the long term. Dangerous physically and mentally.

Causes of stress
Before entering the stage of how to eliminate stress, then you need to know first what causes one can suffer from stress. Start a little offensive to me for some reasons the pressure a lot more cause the occurrence of stress (stressor). Among other things:

1. work stress
The first is the cause of stress due to pressure of work. The majority of workers must have experienced less stress due to work pressure is high. Issue due date, in respect of lah lah or working hours, which is quite time consuming. And even in Japan there are cases of death caused by excess work (karoshi), Miwa Sado woman journalist NHK.

Well, don't get a job to ignore your health Yes, if you find money desperately you need to pay a sum of money to the hospital desperately also.

2. family matters
Causes of stress is family problems. Everyone must have a problem as well as with the family. If a family has 5 heads, sure they not only have one vote. From there, the difference will always, always arise TIG mouth although the cold war between the friends of family members. This apparently can cause us stress also tablets. Imagine, home/family it should be where we will relax, joking, share your love and sadness, happiness and so on carrier, this is actually the reverse.

What if problems occur in the family?

A little bit of a lot of issues that will have an impact on our minds, plasma-terbawa into our activities. The edges of all the activities that we promise to devote too.

How to relieve stress caused by family problems is not easy, but it is not difficult as well. To avoid this, it would be fun the entire family instilled an attitude and mindset of mutual succumbs to each other. Delete every ego. Peace is a beautiful beriba-IBA!

3. financial issues
Well, this is what actually makes the nih people stress. Including my tablet. His ... His ... His ...

Indeed, it's hard indeed to find ways to de-stress because of economic problems. It is true that the economic squeeze can make people Dizzy Dizzy pressure bin. But I will agree if the economic squeeze can make people desperate. Reckless to do evil, desperate to mutually drop that desperate to tipu-menipu more crazy again is desperate to end of life!

Back to the discussion, stress due to the economic squeeze, indeed sometimes happens in life. This is not only experienced by the community, the person class no matter if the notes also have a relatively high level of stress reliever if talking about financial problems. They have been working hard as possible for a lot of economic pressure. Imagine a company owners think thousands of employees, what stress gak tuh!

But again, don't let stress make us financial problems dragged on, as if it is disseminated into the disease, are more pressure again we are faced with medical expenses.

How to eliminate stress type is "grateful. " continue to be thankful in what we have. look down, do not always find. So that our lives are filled with gratitude.

4. damaged hearts
Wow, this young man will. But baseball also heck, people already prevent any might be able to hold if divorced, leaving relatives, separated from companions. This means that the flop here is universal.

Have you ever seen people who left his lover, then the controversy on vacation?

A more extreme again until menyilet-nyilet part of his body in the name of his lover. But they are also not necessarily be berjodoh. Such action is not allowed in Islam, then Shun. Sacrifice too early and very, very wrong.

If the above categories may have more acute stress as well, arguably disappointed and desperate.

Losing someone we love is the thing that is not trivial, it is heavy. But that does not mean we should be dragged in dumps. Life must go on!

If we look, the characteristics of people who experience the strees as flop:

Appetite (for some people just vice versa)
Can't sleep (uncomfortable level of deity)
Often termenung (not focus)
That's the characteristics of people who are depressed because of the heartbreak aka "controversial ".

How to relieve stress
Okay, now that we know all about about stress, it's time we get to the part of the solution.

"Remember there must be a cure all disease "

Do you want to relieve stress in an instant?

Here are the steps you can take to reduce stress, the following ways good also for just peace of soul.

1. Keep animals
This is one of the ways to relieve stress that Efficacious. You can store anything you like, but remember to keep a grudge, but animals are living creatures that needed to eat, protect and love.

How is believed to be able to get rid of stress quickly. Buktikanlah!

2. listen to music
Proven music can be a stress reduction which is patent. Listen to rhythmic music slow, soft and not too noisy.

Basically you can listen to any kind of music you like, and instead you hear song your soul but the melow rocker, undoubtedly there is conflict. My own when stress symptoms hit, always listening to rock music, namely blithely.

In its development, there are some music created specifically to reduce stress, containing natural sounds such as Sound, rain, surf, crickets, etc. There is also a technology called Brainwave (brain waves) containing certain sounds and can menstimulus human brain.

It can be said in listening to music is a powerful shortcuts to mood booster, the edges gradually easing any pressure.

3. partnership
There is no way to relieve the pressure is stronger than the way it is. Most of us always have harbored all feelings and thoughts we are ourselves. But did you know that, if a story-telling can reduce the burden of the mind?

Yes, some of the problems us a little help with how to tell people who we trust. As if the problem does not only you bear. Find a friend to share, visionaries, believed to be able to provide a solution, and that can definitely be a good listener. Try to talk face to face, over the phone.

"Sharing is Caring "

4. recreation
After a year we take a week off of work and go to the place that we like. Go with people you care about, to visit places far from pollution, quiet and natural.

Places of interest to visit are the mountains and the sea. Hiruplah the fresh air of the mountain window sunset or watch, sure sense of fatigue, stress and tension you immediately subsided. Do not leave your picnic!

5. intake of nutritious food
It is important to always keep your intake of nutrients. Well under normal circumstances, especially when you are experiencing stress. It is time you manage your part in.

Some of the food here is believed to be able to get rid of stress quickly:

Green vegetables
Keep in mind that excessive use of effects will not be good.

6. Sports
Exercise is one way to relieve the pressure which is also strong. The sport proved unable to launch our blood circulation, because When we exercise the body will increase hormone endorphine, hormones which can provide peace of mind to.

The effect will be sure in addition to peace of mind, any body so healthy. Two benefits of sports conditioning!

Although the sport is carried out on a regular basis, not just when the pressure alone.

7. meditation
It is also important for you, pausing briefly. Maybe a little tricks that can help you.

Find a quiet place
Sitting quietly,
Wear clothes that are quite loose,
Calm your mind,
Imagine you are in a place that you like,
Imagine people around you smiling at you,
Breathe through the nose in count 3,
Then hembuskan slowly through mouth 3 count slowly.
Do it repeatedly, just 5 minutes before and after the activity. Taste the difference!

8. pray
Well, this is a way to relieve stress. After all the effort was born we do the maximum, then any decision we must pasrahkan to God.

When you pray with full hope and resigned, then immediately all the burden of mind or problems will soon fade. Your muscles are mengendor, the mood instantly becomes quiet exceptional. Because basically, weighing any exam that you run into, there must be a way out. Ask for instructions as well as the power to deal with it.

Hopefully all of us can be enlightened on this pressure, as long as we know how to handle it, no need to fear if we approach the pressure at any time.

That's 8 ways relieve pressure in an instant, it doesn't hurt to try right now!

Please share if useful, remember "sharing is caring. "

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